Purchasing / Logistics team uses the latest techniques and proprietary software to safely and timely supply the foods and materials that support the onboard operation. On-site quality control is emphasized throughout the purchasing and transportation processes.

Through years of experience we have built up a core selection of high quality food items from selected suppliers and brands we know you prefer.We offer you a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions and supply.

Reliability, freshness and food safety are our key priorities.

Product Categories

Meat   |   Poultry   |   Seafood   |   Prepared Foods   |   Appetizers&Fries   |   Fruits&Vegetables   |   Bakery   |   Grocery   |   Dairy   |   Beverages
Special Dietary   |   Disposables   |   Cleaning Supplies   |   Dining   |   Supplies   |   Kitchen Supplies
   |   Marine Carpet/Floring   |   Marine Textile/Towels   |   Marine Cover   |   Polyester Fabric   |   Marine Technical Equipment   |   Ceramic Supplies   |   Glass Supplies



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